Welcome to Molly's Speakeasy Drive-Through

Special Take-Away Menu
Wednesdays to Sundays
12pm to 7pm

Our special take-away menu options are listed below.

Sushi Take-Away Menu*
Fridays & Saturdays
12pm to 7pm

* Please note: Tuna is currently as scarce as an honest politician…please forgive us if we’re unable to offer Sushi-grade Tuna

The Clay Oven Artisanal Pizza Take-Away Menu
Wednesdays to Sundays
12pm to 7pm

Head over to The Clay Oven Artisanal Pizza Oven page here to see our mouthwatering selection of artisanal pizzas

It’s easy. Simply choose what you want to eat, and how many of each dish you would like.

When you’re hsppy with your selection, simply click Place Order, and we will notify you via WhatsApp when you can come to collect your meal.

Our succulent 200g pure beef patty is topped with melted cheddar cheese & crispy bacon served on a golden toasted & seeded bun, with Peppadew® & chilli mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, pickles, caramelised onions served with golden brown potato wedges.
A tender crumbed 150g chicken breast on a golden seeded & toasted bun, topped with grilled pineapple, Peppadew® & chilli mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato & crumbly feta cheese served with golden brown potato wedges.
Our hand-made 200g Pure Beef patty on a home baked sesame seed roll, lettuce, tomato and slithers of red onion, topped with a creamy blue cheese sauce, served with our famous golden crispy potato wedges and salad garnish
200g of tender chicken breast, gently crumbed & deep fried to golden deliciousness, crispy on the outside & juicy on the inside. Drenched with a creamy cheese or mushroom sauce, served with golden potato wedges & a crispy garden side salad.
A 400g (or more) tender & tasty Lamb Shank baked in the oven in a rich red wine & fresh garden herb sauce, loaded with cracked black pepper, rosemary & fresh lemon, served with mustard mashed potatoes & butternut puree & crispy vegetables of the day.
Pickled & smoked the traditional way & crisped to a golden brown behemoth (well in excess of a kilogram), drizzled with a sticky & rich honey-mustard sauce, served with a side of mashed potatoes, sauerkraut and smashed peas.
Hand made nuggets crumbed and fried to perfection.Served with potato wedges.
Beer battered hake served with tartare sauce, skinny fries & a crispy salad garnish with a vinaigrette dressing.
Spaghetti Carbonara, cooked al dente with bits of smoky & crispy bacon in a creamy butter, egg & Parmesan cheese sauce, with a touch of garlic.
If you want more than one of the same pizzas, let us know here 🙂
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