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The story behind our menu

Why the 'Enfield Chronicle'?
Well, in short, the 103-year old cottage - now home to Molly's Speakeasy - was built in 1918 by the Fidler family (immigrants from England) and the cottage was known as 'The Enfield Cottage'.

Why the name 'Enfield' was chosen as far as we know remains a mystery, and there are a few speculations ... you choose your favourite one.

HD wallpaper: weapons, cartridges, rifle, Lee-Enfield, No.1 Mk III ...

The  more romantic assumption for the origin of the name ‘Enfield’, could have referred to the Lee Enfield rifle, a bolt-action, magazine-fed, repeating rifle that served as the main firearm used by the military forces of the British Empire and Commonwealth during the first half of the 20th century. Our Enfield Pub is named in honour of the Fidlers’ quirky cottage that remained standing for more than a century.

Another option refers to the Royal Enfield,  a company in England who sold motorcycles, bicycles, lawnmowers and stationary engines, also known as the Enfield Cycle Company.

Coat of arms of London Borough of Enfield

The last, and probably the most plausible reference, is that the ‘Enfield’ name may most likely be attributable to the London Borough of Enfield in North England, possibly where the Fidler family’s roots originated.