Molly’s Speakeasy Village Restaurant is a quaint and cosy country restaurant, conveniently located off the main street in the historical village of Henley-on-Klip.

In a lovingly restored, Century-old cottage (circa 1918) and flanked by its adjacent sandstone ‘Speakeasy’ (circa 1927), Molly’s is set in an acre of shady garden, and promises singles or couples, families, friends and business associates a unique dining venue. Treat yourself to the ultimate in time travel and dining with warm, vintage décor, wrapped in soothing burnt orange, and highlighted with copper and brass.

Experience yesteryear with a game of Croquet or Boulles on the front lawn and feel transported with our playlist of alltime favourite golden oldies songs in the quaintest of historical settings.

Business Hours

MONDAYS – Closed
WEDNESDAYS to SUNDAYS 11AM TO 9PM (or thereabout)*

*Kitchen closes at 5pm on Sundays


English Breakfast | Your choice of two eggs, crispy bacon, cheese Kassler sausages, grilled tomato topped with cheese & two slices of white or brown toast. 60

Eggs Benedict | Two perfectly poached eggs perched on top of lightly grilled ham & a toasted English muffin, drizzled with a rich Hollandaise sauce. 70

Breakfast Parfait (V)  | Colourful, healthy & delicious layers of crunchy granola style muesli, thick creamy natural yoghurt, berry coulis & a drizzle of honey. 50

Hand Crafted Snack Trencher (for two) | Tender home-made, crumbed & fried chicken strips, Cheese Kassegriller sausages wrapped in bacon, meat balls, potato wedges dusted with paprika (V), Crumbed mushrooms (V), side salad (V) & spicy Peppadew®, mayo & cheese dipping sauces. 175

*Regret, no substitutions

Farmhouse-style Soup du Jour | hearty soup of the day topped with crispy croutons & served with home baked bread roll .or garlic & herb focaccia. 60

Deep-fried Crumbed Camembert & Blue Cheese | marinated in port wine served in a crispy golden-brown phyllo basket with a fruity red wine reduction. 75

‘Back to the Future Prawn’ & Avocado Cocktail | delicately steamed shrimps in a pink mayonnaise sauce with a touch of Tabasco, served on a bed of avocado & crispy lettuce & dusted with paprika. 70

Chicken Livers tender chicken livers | pan-fried with fresh garlic, tomato & a dash of brandy served with strips of crispy garlic & herb toasted bruschetta & a salad garnish. 60

Smoked Salmon, Avocado, Caper & Cream Cheese Tower | served on a garden-fresh salad with a cucumber & mint yoghurt dressing. 75

Deep fried or grilled Halloumi Cheese | drizzled with a with a lime and caper vinaigrette and served with a salad garnish. 70

Chef’s Quiche of the Day | Served with a salad garnish. 65 Ask your Waitron.

Cajun Chicken & Hot Nut Salad | served on a bed of garden-fresh lettuce, avocado, tomato, cucumber, Peppadew® & sweet peppers, a light curry mayonnaise dressing & topped with roasted peanuts. 85

Pasta Bolognese | A classic & satisfying sauce made from tomatoes, minced beef, fresh garlic, wine and herbs served on a bed of Fettuccini. 115 / 75 (half portion)

Pizzette (20cm) | Perfectly sized snack pizza, perfectly customised to fussy young diners. Add two meaty toppings & two non-meaty toppings. 65 * Only available during The Clay Oven operating hours.

Chicken Nuggets served with potato wedges. 60

Pasta & Cheese with cheese & tomato sauce. 50

Toasted Sandwiches

Cheese & Tomato 45 | Ham, Cheese & Tomato 50  | Bacon, Cheese & Tomato 60 | Bacon, Egg, Cheese & Tomato 65  | Spicy Chicken Mayonaise 60 |

Add potato wedges or a side salad. 18


Crème Brûlée | A rich home made custard base, topped with a layer of hardened caramelised sugar. 60

TiramisuThe quintessential Italian desert that means ‘cheer or pick me up’ is made of savoiardi or ladyfinger biscuits dipped in espresso, a dash of rum, layered with a whipped mixture of cream, sugar, mascarpone cheese & dusted with cocoa. 70

Home-made Crunchy Caramel Fudge Ice Cream | Home-made crunchy-fudge flakes, laced into ice cream, drizzled with hot chocolate sauce. 55

Spicy Pavlova with Poached PearA delicately poached pear nestled in a meringue basket infused with hints of Chinese Five Spice and cinnamon. 70

Cake of the Day Ask your waitron. 50

Add Ice Cream or Chantilly Cream. 10

Mansize Rib Eye Steak | Half a kilo (or more) of matured & marbled Rib Eye seasoned & grilled to your liking, then finished off in a searing hot pan drizzled with butter, fresh garlic & garden herbs, served with our famous golden fried potato wedges*, a small garden salad & a sauce of your choice. 200

Rump Steak | 300g of matured Rump, seasoned & grilled to your liking, the classic layer of fat nicely crisped, finished off in a searingly-hot pan, drizzled with butter, fresh garlic & garden herbs, served with our famous golden fried potato wedges*, a small garden salad & a sauce of your choice. 180 / Available in 200g serving 160

*Ask your Waitron about our more ‘adventurous’ starchy side dish of the day, freshly made every day. Kindly check availability.

Sauces Cheese sauce | Mushroom sauce | Cheese & Mushroom sauce Black Peppercorn sauce Madagascar Green Peppercorn sauce 20  

Eisbein | Pickled the traditional way & crisped to a golden brown behemoth (well in excess of a kilogramme), drizzled with a sticky & rich honey-mustard sauce, served with a side of mashed potatoes, tangy red coleslaw & German mustard. 160

Lamb Shank | A 400g (or more) tender & tasty Lamb Shank baked in the oven in a rich red wine & fresh garden herb sauce, loaded with cracked black pepper, rosemary & fresh lemon, served with mustard mashed potatoes & butternut puree & crispy vegetables of the day. 190

Thai Red Chicken Curry | made the authentic way with the magic combination of flavours South-East Asia has to offer & loads of coconut cream, served with fragrant Basmati rice. Pretend you’re in on the beach in Koh Samui & use only your spoon. 145

Malay-style Seafood Curry | a dreamy, creamy combination of prawns, calamari & hake served with fragrant Basmati rice & home made roti. 170

Mediterranean Roasted Vegetable Pasta (V) | a medley of pan-fried vegetables, Peppadew®, olives, feta & sundried tomatotossed in Fettuccini. 100

Moroccan Vegetable Cous-Cous (V) | The aromatic, vibrant & healthy combination of fragrant spices, roasted vegetables & chickpeas, makes this the perfect meal for vegetarians & for those wishing to take a break from meaty dishes. 110

MSE Gourmet Steak Roll | Molly’s-style with 100g matured rump marinated in red wine, garlic, chilli & parsley served with caramelised onions, golden fried potato wedges & a salad garnish. 100

Vegetarian Shepherds Pie (V) | A vegetarian version of the true hearty family cottage pie, this one is made from sautéed garlic & onions, a medley of vegetables, sauced up with a sizzle of red wine, coated in a thick gravy & baked under a layer of creamy mashed potatoes. 115

Chicken Schnitzel | 200g of tender chicken breast, gently crumbed & deep fried to golden deliciousness, crispy on the outside & juicy on the inside. Drenched with a creamy cheese sauce,served with golden potato wedges & a colourful garden side salad. 130

Gammon Schnitzel | 200g of crumbed, & fried golden brown Gammon steak coated with a sweet & tangy relish made from fresh pineapple, onion, mixed sweet peppers & chilli, served with golden potato wedges & a colourful garden side salad. 140

MSE Gourmet Beef Burger | Our succulent 200g pure beef patty is topped with melted cheddar cheese & crispy bacon served on a golden toasted & seeded bun, with Peppadew® & chilli mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, pickles, caramelised onions served with golden brown potato wedges. 100

MSE Gourmet Chicken Burger | A tender crumbed 200g chicken breast on a golden seeded & toasted bun, topped with grilled pineapple, Peppadew® & chilli mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato & crumbly feta cheese served with golden brown potato wedges. 100

The Original Beef Burger | A slightly intimidating but ultimately succulent 200g beef patty on a home baked seeded bun with just the essentials – lettuce & tomato, served with golden potato wedges. 75

The Original Cheese Burger | We take the Original Beef Burger, melt a load of cheddar cheese on top & you get served this bad boy! Served with golden potato wedges. 85


Pick-up or Delivery - it's your choice on how to get the best from our artisanal Clay Oven and Molly's kitchen to your door.

We are animal fanatics

If they are well behaved, bring your two legged feathery friend or four legged fur-friends along*. Water bowls are on stand-by.

*We’re not quite ready to deal with pets with six (or more) legs or those with no legs at all!

Wheelchair friendly access & restroom facilities

Private meeting facilities for businesses & groups

Wi-Fi Available on request

Fully licensed

Very pet friendly!

Well-behaved children welcome

Shaded parking

Cyclists welcome

Ideal stop-over for a mini road trip

Free use of board games, Croquet and Boulles

The choice is yours

Molly's is nestled amongst the trees on an acre of land in the heart of Henley-on-Klip, we want you to create your own unique dining experience So, go on, choose your favourite spot ...


La Piazza

Our piazza is the place of choice for many of our regular diners and new Guests alike. It's a chilled environment with a central water feature and at night, decorative lights light up the ghostly trees, particularly the 80-year old giant bluegum overlooking the old cottage.

The Garden

Prefer a shady spot? Let the kids play on the lawn while you sit under the pine trees and listen to the cacophony of bird sounds from the hundreds of pigeons. Maybe you're lucky and get to see our resident (but shy) Cardinal Woodpecker, a regular visiting troup of Red Billed Wood Hoopoes, the pair of African Harrier Hawks or, at night, our family of barn owls.

The Patio

Enjoy the best of both Piazza and indoors dining with a table on the Patio surrounding the old cottage.

The Molly's Room

Bit chilly outside? Feel the warmth of Molly’s Room with a newly refurbished, Victorian fireplace.

The Fidler Room

Need your own space? Meet or dine in the privacy of The Fidler Room. Ideal for business meetings, small groups or private family get-togethers.

The Enfield Pub

Experience yesteryear and simply hang out with your friends and colleagues in our very cosy and utterly charming Enfield Pub, complete with a library of rare and vintage books, a unique place with its own Victorian fireplace.

Where and how to find Molly's

How to make contact

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