Things to Do

Henley-on-Klip was founded by Advocate Horace Kent in 1904, and therefore has a rich history. As a primarily residential village, not all historical and natural places of interest are accessible to the public, but there are a few things you may find of interest and make your trip to this (as yet) undiscovered gem in the deep south, even more enjoyable.

Rebstein Bridge

Literally a few hundred meters away from Molly’s, drive over the quaint Rebstein Bridge with its ornate metal railings. The bridge crosses the Klip River in Iffley Road. In flood, this is a sight to behold.

The Kidson Weir

The Kidson Weir is an ideal spot to get close to the Klip River, and in flood, the volume of water cascading over the weird is indeed impressive. 

Saloojee's Shop

Feel transported decades back in time at Saloojee’s. A tiny shop located on the Heidelberg-Meyerton road on the outskirts of the village, is well worth a visit. It’s the most ecclectic collection of items you’ve ever seen, and seems to have been “frozen in time” for decades. A labyrinth of dusty shelves packed to the rafters with paraffin lamps, Simba chips, gas appliances, bicycle parts, sweets, cold drinks, hardware, household appliances, kitchen utensils, garden equipment … you name it, you’ll find it. A photographer’s dream destination, but we suggest ask before assuming it’s okay to snap away.


Garden of Remembrance