We're all fired up about our pizzas!

The Egyptians and Mesopotamians gave us the first bread ovens around 5000 years ago. Like ours, the Ancients’ ovens were made from clay and straw and bread was so important it was used as payment  for salaries and taxes. Millennia later, we tried the same trade with our waiters at Molly’s, but as enticing as the offer may sound, they maintain “cash is king”! 

Now, to get to the reason for visiting The Clay Oven at Molly’s: Tradition has is that real pizzas are cooked in a wood-fired oven and we refuse to change tradition. To us, it’s very much a guarantee of superior texture, taste and quality.

It’s all about flames! First, we get the clay oven hot … seriously hot, sometimes exceeding 400 degrees Celsius. Our “pizzaiolo” (pizza baker) then moulds our hand made dough to shape, ladles on some of our home made tomato sauce, then sprinkles a mound of Mozzarella cheese and the freshest of toppings on top.

The magic then happens! Cooking time is very short, averaging a few minutes or so. This very intense cooking in a wood-fired oven is what makes our pizza base crisp, bubbly and tasty. Textures are preserved and ultimately means a melt-in-the-mouth experience.

We call it Authentic. Artisanal.Artistry.

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We now deliver! Safely, from our artisanal clay oven right to your door. Simply click on any of the images below and follow the easy step-by-step ordering process

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What our Guests say

"To say this is the best pizza in the neighborhood is a severe understatement! It is simply the best Pizza I have had in recent memory, including a trip to Naples last year. I had the Argentinian and the other name I cannot recall (jalapeño, peppers and salami). Well done!!! World-class pizza in Henley!"
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